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Anxiety and Stress in Pregnancy: Natural Remedies

Being a mother, stands out a unique and beautiful experience in the life of a woman. However, the phase of pregnancy brings in so much nuisance for her.

The journey of becoming a mum happens to be a hard struggle to carry on. Thus, women end up in different kinds of mental disorders.

These mental illnesses consequently manifest themselves in the physical body as psycho- somatic maladies.

Most women experiencing pregnancy for the first time are unable to cope with these drastic changes.

Nevertheless, knowledge and awareness can save a woman and foetus from the impact of anxiety and stress during pregnancy.

Anxiety during Pregnancy

Anxiety is a terrible emotion characterized by feeling of irrational fears and frailty.

Pregnant women find themselves in countless dilemmas and overthink about the unknown.

This fear of unknown plunges them deeper into worried and lackadaisical routine.

Over- anxious nature may lead to severe depression pre- and post-pregnancy.

Although, every woman is unique and there are different reasons for all of them to freak out.

But there are some generally agreed causes that incite this emotion of anxiety.

Major reasons of anxiety in pregnant women are:

  • Concerned about health of a new- born
  • Consistent restlessness
  • Worried about being a good parent
  • Financial predicament
  • Previous pregnancy loss

Anxiety tends to be a normal element at this critical point of time. But it is harmful when augmented too much.

Severe antenatal anxiety may lead to following:

  • Severe depression
  • Excessive obsessive thoughts
  • Increased heart rates
  • High blood pressure
  • Lack of concentration
  • Muscle stiffening/ tensions
  • Panicking too much

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Stress during Pregnancy

  • Experiencing bouts of stress is another tribulation which is common during pregnancy. These issues may rise with time and interfere in daily routine.
  • There is a lot of transformation going on in the body of expecting mother. It all adds to the deteriorating mental physical condition of a woman.

Stress in pregnant females is generally rooted in the causes listed below:

Physical stress

  • Women during pregnancy are heaped upon by countless pains. Nausea, vomiting and frequent urges of a bladder are exasperating.
  • Additionally, back aches, stomach aches, headaches pose a reason enough to get stressed.

Hormonal changes

  • Unstable hormonal variations bring in mood swings and discomfort. Stress hormone — Cortisol shows considerable increase.
  • This makes women even more vulnerable to stress and fears.

Pregnancy Worries

  • Women face considerable unease and pregnancy- related worries. They are in apprehension regarding labour pain, health of baby, miscarriage etc.

Personal issues

  • There may be external factors that might contribute to stress in pregnant women.
  • Financial problems, relationship tensions and career related distress are common causes.

Improper diet

  • Woman feeds two lives in her pregnancy. Lack of nutrition will not only stress the mother but might deform the baby as well.

Intoxicants & Drugs

  • Women who are consumers of alcoholic beverages and drugs are at high risk of developing pre- and post-natal stress and depression.

Stress & Anxiety Management during Pregnancy

Stress and anxiety common mental conditions faced by women during their pregnancy. They are triggered by various factors.

Long- term, unattended stress and anxiety can result in high blood pressure. These further increases the probability of heart related issues.

Thus, taking relevant and timely action to counter anxiety and stress becomes important.

It can be managed by the following certain guidelines:

  • Talk to counsellor about your emotions
  • Take healthy nutritious diet
  • Follow any hobby to avoid stress
  • Exercise and meditate regularly
  • Join childbirth classes to learn about pregnancy related issues.
  • Avoid stressful situations
  • Try to keep yourself calm


Stress and anxiety are a common mental issue faced by women during pregnancy.

Irritability, nausea vomiting, insufficient sleep, hormones and other factors add up to their grave mental health.

However, it can be managed with awareness and knowledge. Thus, pregnant ladies may preserve overall  health of themselves and their unborn baby as well.

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