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5 Simple Exercises To Improve Your Lung Health

Breath is life, and we have aptly witnessed it in these times of pandemic. The scenario of people going extra miles to get oxygen proves the pricelessness of breath.

The process of breathing involves inhaling oxygen and expelling carbon dioxide. The oxygen in our lungs is then carried through the bloodstream to be made available to every cell of our body.

The more oxygen we take in and more potent our lungs are, healthier our life is.

It is tremendously crucial to get concerned about our respiratory health when, different sorts of pollutants are pervading the air making it toxic each moment.

Furthermore, any malfunctioning in our breathing mechanism may potentially hinder other systems of our body due to lack of oxygen such as, nervous system, cardiovascular system, etc.

Chronic lungs- related ailments are a growing trend, astonishingly not only in senior adults but youngsters as well.

Respiratory illnesses are one of the top three causes of death in India as per the recent surveys.

The statistics are indeed appalling and warn us to take swift action to avoid prevalent respiration disorders such as asthma, COPD, emphysema etc.

One can pamper their lungs by following a few activities to enhance their breath and promote lung capacity.

Here are 5 simple exercises to improve your lung health:

Regularly practise of these exercises along with active lifestyle promises to upgrade respiratory efficiency.

These activities unblock the airways, increase diaphragm elasticity, and ultimately raises oxygen levels in the body.


Different respiratory conditions such as asthma, emphysema, may cause inflammation in the airways limiting the oxygen supply and its absorption. In such situations a person might get short breath.

Pursed- lip breathing is a basic exercise that can done with no constraints of time and place. It allows endured opening of the air passages thus enabling more fresh oxygen to enter into the lungs.


  • Sit upright in a good posture
  • Inhale slowly through the nose
  • Purse the lips
  • Exhale as slowly as doable through pouted/ pursed lips.
  • Repeat the cycle

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This exercise, as the name clarifies it, stirs our ribs into activity. Thus, in the process it also impacts our diaphragm as well.

Rib stretch when performed regularly helps to restore high functioning of the lungs. It assists in clearing out the old build- up of oxygen and surges fresh air in the lungs.


  • Inhale air and fill your lungs
  • Hold on for at least 20 secs or as long as feasible
  • Exhale slowly
  • Repeat the exercise at least 3 times


The Diaphragm is an arch- shaped, elastic sheet below the lungs. It is designed in a way that it aids in filling more oxygen in our body. As we inhale, the diaphragm rises and falls to its initial pose every time we exhale.

This exercise helps in firming up the diaphragm muscles thus, improving efficacy and capacity of our lungs.


  • Put one hand on your chest while the other on your belly
  • Inhale through the nose for 2 secs.
  • Then exhale through pouted lips slowly
  • While breathing out push down the abdominal muscles
  • Repeat few cycles at a time


Humming obviously sounds an easy- to- do exercise which supports our lungs with fresher oxygen and enhancing their capacity. This activity specifically engages diaphragmatic and abdominal muscles. Hence, it sufficiently bolsters our respiratory system.


  • Sit straight
  • Inhale slowly from inside while humming from the throat
  • Exhale slowly
  • Repeat a few cycles

This simple exercise involves action with diaphragm and enables more space for it. It strengthens the chest and reinforces the oxygen holding potential of lungs.


  • Sit straight on the edge of chair
  • Place your arms overhead
  • Make a yawn of good stretch
  • Lower the arms down
  • End the exercise by smiling for 3 secs.
  • Repeat the cycle

Following these simple exercises consistently may likely improve the functioning abilities and oxygen holding capacity of lungs.

However, if anyone suffers from serious chronic respiratory conditions, must consult their physician before adopting any technique. Avoid overdoing any exercise and be gentle.


Our lungs are vital organs which continually back us by performing an important function of breathing, even while sleeping.

Therefore, it becomes imperative that we take care of these special organs as in doing so we are caring about ourselves.

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