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10 Effective Ayurvedic Remedies To Relieve Constipation

Contemporary lifestyle has drastically toppled our meals and their patterns. And there is no denying to the fact that the transition is from salubrious nutriments to degraded calibre of our cuisine.

While espousing the tremendous gamut of unhealthy foods, we have successfully welcomed a host of ailments. These health issues, which were uncommon before, are astonishingly quite rampant today.

To the index of such conditions, the problem of constipation has easily gained its way to the top ones. It is a new emerging illness, which grips almost every 3rd individual, irrespective of the age factor.

This malady is typically characterized by problematic bowel movements and stiffening of faeces.

Unfortunately, there are other vexing symptoms which could affect the person apart from uneasy defecation.

An individual is likely to suffer from headaches, acne, bad breath, lack of appetite, mood swings, troubled sleep, irritability, haemorrhoids, acidity, lethargy, mouth ulcers, and others.

These signs may not incite all at once, however some of them could appear with constipation and may vary from person to person.


The culprit that owns the lion’s share of blame for this condition is our disrupted lifestyle. As per Ayurvedic theses, constipation is caused due to indigestion, which results in build- up of faeces in the intestine.

It is related specifically to Vata Dosha, which is dry and cold in its nature. This dosha interrupts normalcy in the functioning of the colon, which further triggers stomach aches, intense thirst, and heaviness in the abdomen.

Major causes of constipation are mentioned as below:

  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Dehydration
  • Pregnancy, age, and travel
  • Consuming junk and processed food
  • Excessive alcohol and meat intake
  • Taking undue amounts of coffee and tea

After knowing the causes, it becomes easier to track and check what goes down into our guts to avoid an issue. Dehydration is a primal because that may disturb proper passage of stools.

This is because water helps the food travel down smoothly through the intestinal tract to its target destination.

Thus, it is immensely important to remain hydrated in order to escape recurrent constipation.

Few Ayurvedic Mixtures for relief:

Ancient scriptures of Ayurveda endow a wide range of natural remedies to palliate constipation and its related symptoms.

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Here we enumerate some easy and effective treatments to cure the condition.


Triphala is a credible and helpful way to treat constipation. You may add it to your tea and reap the benefits.

Otherwise, Triphala can be used in the powdered preparation. For this, take quarter teaspoon of cardamom seeds, coriander seeds and Triphala, then grind them together.  Have this remedy twice a day.

These ingredients harbour laxative properties and help overcome indigestion.


Diet is key to good health. Therefore, it is necessary to get concerned and avoid cold foods, beverages, and processed eatables.

Incorporate vata- pacifying foods such as vegetables, fruits, well- cooked meals, salads, lentils, dried fruits and beans. These foods are loaded with nutrients and fiber that help in muscle contraction.


Figs contain appreciative amount of dietary fiber and thus qualifies to be a great remedy to relieve constipation, especially in kids. This miraculous fruit enhances digestion as well. And including figs into your daily diet would indeed be a nice decision.


Castor oil is deemed to be a natural laxative since the ages. It helps normalize the activity of both our intestines. Administer 1–2 teaspoons of this oil on starved stomach. This enables bowel movement within 8 hours.


Ghee is an outstanding lubricant which is widely included in many of the ayurvedic remedies. It lubricates the intestinal tract and allows easy passage of stools.

You may even take coconut oil or olive oil as a substitute, but ghee is a preferred and healthier option.


Liquorice root is generally available in a powdered form and is a decent muscle relaxer. Take a teaspoonful of this powder along with little jaggery. It helps in alleviating constipation.


Imbibe a lot of water and other good fluids to keep yourself hydrated. Water enables relaxing the stools and helps in easy defecation by blending with our food. You must drink practically at least 8 – 10 glasses of water each day.


Substitute your plain tea with ginger, mint, or dandelion tea to relive constipation. This is because these options allow more heat generation in our body which triggers the digestion process. These beverages enable muscle relaxation and improves digestion.


As proclaimed in Ayurveda that vata imbalance is one of the causes of indigestion. This vata imbalance can disorder the downward energy which sustains stability and purgation.

Thus, the solution comes out to redirect this energy through practising inverted yoga postures. Yogic exercises such as ‘viparita karani’ [legs up the wall posture] enables in correcting the flow of air or vata. This ultimately relieves constipation and other associated symptoms.


Being lazy all the time substantially affects our internal mechanisms including digestion. Thus, leading an active lifestyle is crucial to evade trivial health conditions. Regularly implement relevant exercises to rectify the condition.


Constipation is increasingly becoming an issue of concern. It is important to attend this problem as soon as possible else it may trigger other disorders.

You may follow these effective and natural remedies inspired by Ayurveda to mitigate the problem.

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